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Monday, November 26, 2018

Cape Town, South Africa

Beautiful Cape Town

Cape Town
 Cape Town was my first international travel destination and remains my favorite City till date. I fell instantly in love with it as soon as we arrived. the city is dominated by the iconic table mountain that serves as a back drop every where in the city. Table mountain is about 1000 meters high and so gorgeous. It looks steep and very flat at the top, well, not completely flat. It has a few peaks and valleys at the top.

                                                               braving the cold.                                                                                                            

                                                        the queue for the cable car

                 table mountain top
                                                      the queue to get down
                                                        view from table mountain

                             The same day we arrived, we went to the table mountain as it was calling.
My husband and his friend decided to hike the mountain while I was in no mood for a hike, I took the cable car. I was told at the ticket centre that it was a really cold and windy day, and they did not lie.

                                                           beautiful view from the top
The clouds blanketed the whole place and could barely see below, the I began to shiver from the cold, the only extra thing for a covering I carried was a thin veil. It didn't help, it almost took like forever for my husband and his friend to get to the top. I walked around, took a few photos and just when I was about going to get a sweat shirt or jacket from the shop at the top, the showed up and we went for a very hot tea. There weren't too many people on the this day, so we enjoyed the space, had a meal and all came down to the foot of the mountain with a cable car.

from the cable car

cable car

while waiting for my turn

We went to Table Mountain again on the 31st of December, that is the worst time to visit Table Mountain. It was packed and we spent almost three hours on the queue to get into the cable car. And it was almost the same getting down as well. It was not as cold as the first time we went. This time around it was sunny and warm, the cafe and restaurant on Table Mountain was packed of course and one had to queue to buy food or drinks.
table mountain
The magic of Cape Town extends well beyond its beauty; it lies in what it can offer visitors. Whether it was checking out a flea market, hiking, attending a jazz concert, canyoneering, or spotting some wildlife, having some nice food and wine, or visiting a museum, we never ran out of things to do and where to go. And you won’t either!
South Africa is a wonderful and very diverse country, although I didn't have the chance to explore Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban, I didn't even have enough time to explore all of Cape Town. I recommend going there for vacations particularly during their summer, which is usually during the winter of the northern hemisphere .
table mountain, lion's head peeking out
Lion’s Head and Signal Hill are two peaks at Table Mountain National Park. Signal Hill is really nice. You can go there by car (or walk up) to enjoy the view and have a picnic at sunset.
Robben Island, the prison Island where Nelson Mandela was kept, is now open to the public. I advise you to book your tickets online in advance. We did not have the time to go to Robben Island, but we could see it from the top of table mountain.
Cape Town has several very nice areas.  Long Street is one of the busiest streets and popular to travelers and tourists, it is  a street with many restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for a fun night out, Long Street is definitely the place to go.

V &A waterfront
v &A waterfront

den anker restaurant v &A 
During the day you can visit the V&A waterfront, it’s a bit touristic but nice buzzing atmosphere. They have nice restuarants and boutiques. You could sit out to have a nice meal while watching the sea lions and birds, and other tourists. Or sit in. Either way they have good food and it isn't so pricy. Food is so affordable in Cape Town.
v &A waterfront
v &A waterfront

There is also the Terracotta Army and the first Emperor of China mini museum. There was an exhibition when we went and we paid some fee. It is also located at the V & A waterfront.
Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army
sea lions sunbathing
The Botanical Gardens are beautiful and worth the taxi ride. I loved every bit of the walk in the Botanical garden.  They are appropriately dubbed “the most beautiful garden in Africa.” Kirstenbosch offers visitors a chance to explore the fynbos and various floral kingdoms found across the African continent. It was one of our best outings and provided a welcome escape from the city.
A ticket to the gardens costs R60 ($4.40) and includes entrance to the famous tree canopy walkway. There are a few restaurants and a café there, but you can save money by having a picnic on the pristine lawns if you are on a budget.
                                                      botanical garden
                                                      botanical garden
We had lunch, dinner in several places and they were all tasty. And the best place for food l really loved was the Fork Tapas and Pinchos on Long Street.  There are many food restaurants  serving all kinds of food. Whether you like Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Belgian Wafels, Indian, Ethiopian food there’s something for everyone.

                                               Fork restaurant

fork restaurant dessert
We skipped the hotels and went for an airbnb instead in a nice quiet neighborhood .  We really wanted to have a feel of home and our host was really nice and friendly.

We went to boulders beach to watch the penguins. It was packed oh my God!There’s a free accessible beach with a couple of penguins and a paid part with a boardwalk and many of them. It’s really worth paying the small fee to get in and watch the dozens (or even hundreds) of penguins. We were lucky to still get a view of the beautiful penguins.


The other day trip I recommend is to go wine tasting in Fairview wine and cheese tasting room, Vredehoek. Fairview is a working farm housing a collection of micro businesses, all sharing a common goal with a focus on wine and cheese. There are many vineyards and they pretty much all offer free wine tastings. Fair view is an amazing place with beautiful view, and the cheese and wine tasting is a must do experience. One of the best wine and tasting room in South Africa. It is kid friendly. They have a goat town with beautiful goats and you can pet them.

delicious meal at fairview
Another place I would recommend is Fish on the rock, not only do they have good views, the fish and chips taste so nice. No wonder traveler and tourists alike patronize this place. It is located at the end of harbor road in Hout Cape Town. It is a popular place for locals too.

fish on the rock
                                            tasty fish and chips
 view from the fish on the rocks

 Another place I would recommend is the Company garden because it is a historical place that houses the South Africa museum and the holocaust centre. It is the oldest garden in South Africa and located in the heart of Cape Town.

the food
                                                        beautiful hand designed truck
                                                           outside the gallery
The company’s garden is home to surprising and atimes overwhelming amount of Fauna. There are the famous squirrels, who you can purchase bags of nuts to feed. There a re pigeons, Egyptian geese, herons, and rodents, and there is even an aviary where dozens of species of birds can be viewed. Kids love feeding the squirrels, who will scamper right up to you for snack.

They have good food and the restaurant has a good outdoor seating. They have variety of a good outdoor seating. They also have variety of beers, wines and milkshakes. The garden is also home to South Africa national gallery also called Iziko Museum. 

the butcher boys
this gave me the creeps
                                                      this was funny
I loved this

They have impressive art works if you are a lover of arts. These are the  art works that made an impression on me.
The garden has a natural beauty .

 For transportation, you can rent a car, or use the taxi and even better use Uber because it is safer, way cheaper, comfortable and nicer.
Are you thinking of a nice destination for your next vacation? Choose Cape Town, you will so love it.
                                                   fish hoek beach


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