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Monday, October 1, 2018

One chance

There is almost no day that passes by without one reading or hearing about "One Chance" Taxis or one form of scam or another. The desperation of these scammers seems to have tripled mostly because it is the end of the year again, while many rejoice and look forward to spending time with family, so many others are devising evil plans on how to dispossess unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard-earned naira and if unlucky get killed and organs harvested for ritual purposes.
Especially now that election is by the corner, there are so many stories on one chance, kidnapping, and ritual killings.

Reminds of the year 2011, i was trying to cross a major road in Mararaba, Nassarawa State. I had my earpiece to my ears and was listening to music. I was oblivious of my environment, except for the high way which my eyes were trained on, looking for the perfect opportunity to cross the road. Two men on my left and right were trying to get my attention and I did not even notice, across the High way were some bread sellers who were also trying to get my attention as well. I successfully crossed to the middle of the road and was trying to cross to the other side when one of the men who obviously crossed with me tried talking to me again, this time I could see him. So I stopped my music to listen.
This scrawny looking man had some brown teeth ruined probably by cigarette or kola nut, he had a very funny accent and I couldn't figure out what accent it was. He said excuse me, please what City is this? I looked surprised and was wondering what he was high on, then he quickly said he was from Senegal, then I said surely you didn't just drop from Senegal to Abuja if you are from Senegal, how did you get here. And the story began, he claimed to be a gold seller who got conned by an Alhaji and he lost all the gold worth 4 million nairas and cannot seem to locate the Alhaji.
By now I already knew he was a scammer and all that was on my mind was to just cross the road.
Suddenly, the other man on my right-hand side said, Sister, I think we should help this man? I turned and said excuse me? He said, sorry I could not help but listen to your conversation. I think we should help that man because he is not a Nigerian and he got scammed by one of us, my elder sister experienced almost the same thing. Then I realized, these two are together! Although they had not realized that I had them figured out already. He kept on talking and talking trying to convince me to join him in the quest of helping the man recover his 4 million.
While he was talking I was calculating on how to quickly cross the busy road, then the opportunity presented itself then I crossed, of course, they quickly crossed with me, thinking they had found a potential victim. What they also did not know was that the bread sellers were keenly watching and were trying to warn me that they were scammers who hypnotize victims and scam them of their money.
When I realized that I was still been followed by them, I shouted at them and said please leave me alone. Go and look for other victims, do not think for a moment that I don't know that you are both working together. Senegal my foot, you are a Nigerian with a fake funny accent. Then the bread seller chipped in and told me she recognized them from a previous scam and was trying to get my attention, but was glad to see that I was not hypnotized.
That is the closest I have been to these "One Chance" people.  Be mindful of your environment and taxis you board at this period as there are more and more stories about their desperate acts.

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