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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jabi Lake

         Are you bored during the weekend and do not know where to hang out?

Jabi Lake is a fun place to visit if you like nature. It is located at Alex Ekwueme street, Jabi.
          As the name implies, Jabi Lake is a natural body of water in the Jabi district. It is about ten minutes drive from the city centre. It has a recreational park beside it. And the famous Jabi lake mall opposite it. 

You can come with your mat, or rent a mat when you get there. It is a good place for picnic,birthday parties, wedding reception while enjoying the view of the water. If you love horses,you can ride the horses or watch people ride the horses,  you can also take a boat ride which is fun. 

If you plan to spend a long time at the lake, it would be good to carry some food or snacks along.
         It is also place one can sit and read a book,while enjoying the fresh air. It has this calm and serenity.

It is also good for exercise, lots of people come to do various kind of exercise. I usually come for a walk here. 
It is open even during the week days and not only weekends. For the guys, you can even propose to your girlfriend in that park, i am one hopeless romantic, aren't I?

                                                       The boat taking off behind me.

Jabi lake could also do with a little bit of care, like the horse dung needs to be cleaned out always and people should not be allowed to litter it. It would be nice if a gate fee is put to generate salaries for those who would take care of it. 

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