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Monday, October 1, 2018


"Gbongbo" as it is popularly called by the Bassa-Nge people is one of the delicacies. It is made out of Bambara nuts also known as "Okpa" and "Kpagudu" in Bassa-Nge language. Bassa-Nge people are found in Kogi State, the middle belt of Nigeria.

Bambara nuts are highly nutritious and have been termed a complete food.  Its seed consists of 49%-63.5% carbohydrate, 15%-25% protein, 4.5%-7.4% fat, 5.2%-6.4% fiber, 3.2%-4.4% ash, and 2% mineral compared to whole fresh cow milk.
The origin of Bambara nuts has been traced back to Africa and it is the third important legume. Bambara nuts contain a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are wonderful for healing arthritis, anemia, and other inflammatory diseases.

Here is the recipe for making the tasty "Bassa-Nge" "Gbongbo".

1. Bambara nuts powder (blended)
2. Oil palm oil or vegetable
4. Little pepper
5. Water
6. And salt to taste

Depending on the quantity you want to make. You measure Bambara nuts powder in a bowl.
Sprinkle some salt, add dried ground pepper.
Add little water to it and mix together thoroughly.
Mix in the texture that you gets sticky enough to mold.

Then mold in small ball shapes and deep fry in low heat.
When it is fried to golden brown, turn off the heat and leave them in the hot oil for a few minutes, then drain.
Then serve with Pap (akamu).

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