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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Matsirga Water falls

A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. Tranquil from a distance but deafening up close. It was  as if the cascades of water conjured cascades of equally powerful emotions in my brain, and it took my breath away. it was simply spectacular. The most magnificent sight I have ever beheld.
A curtain of white water came over the grey rocks  as if it were being poured from four giant buckets that never emptied. From the top it was brutal and terrifying, from the bottom it was awe inspiring.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kagoro Hills

Kagoro is a large town in Kaduna State, Nigeria. It is located in the Kaura Local Government Area.  It is has a cool weather and relatively high altitude.

                                                    Kagoro Hills behind us

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Archeological sites around Nok

                                    According to the curator, these archeological sites have existed over            2000      years ago, and the people of Nok lived in the caves
The same day we arrived at Nok, Kaduna State after the museum and brief history, we passed by the traditional rulers palace for some permission and blessings . He was very welcoming, took photos with us and prayed with us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nok Village

                                                 As you approach Nok Village this comes into view
Nok Village in the Jaba Area of Kaduna State is the site of the first finds of terracotta objects in 1928. It is a tourist haven. Hugely historical, archeologists have found human skeletons, stone tools and rock paintings around this area, not to mention the main act. The inhabitants of what is now called Nok Village were known to make some of the oldest and culturally intriguing sculptures found in Africa.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jabi Lake

         Are you bored during the weekend and do not know where to hang out?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gurara Falls

 Gurara Falls is one of the famous tourist site in Nigeria. It is located in Gurara, Niger State. It is about an hour's drive from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The water fall is approximately 98 feet and it lies on the Gurara river along the Suleja- Minna road. The site is very popular with Nigerians and foreigners  who visit for picnics, bon fires, swimming and having  a good time.
According to oral history, it was first discovered by a Gbagyi hunter called Buba in 1745, before some Europeans discovered it in 1925 after they found it as a recreation centre.
Oral history has it that Gurara water falls and Gurara river was named after two deities called Gura and Rara.

           The fall is at its peak between the months of April and November, and is lowest between January and March. It is safest to swim during the dry season.
Gurara Water falls is big, magnificent and glorious, you can hear the roar as you approach. The environment is so serene, and could inspire any artist that appreciates nature.
       Gurara water falls has a wonderful plunge pool, sunny small beach and rocks to sit on.
Gurara water falls is a force of nature, beautiful and yet brutal cascading over the hard rocks, creating a tremendous splash. The water fall comes down with power, the noise is very loud, like a roar.
It is a breathtaking sight to see, and refreshing to jump into for those who can swim.

Although during the rainy season the whole cliff is usually covered with a curtain of waterfalls. The water fall gets murky during this period.
                                                 gurara falls during the rainy season
So tourists aren't able to hike down to take a plunge, you can only watch from above.
 i have visited this wonder a number of times and could not still get enough of it. Although i do not swim, but i enjoyed sitting on one of the rocks while watching the water whooshing and gushing over rocks. I enjoyed the sound of it and the sounds of birds chirping.
                                            during the dry season
It is a great place for bird viewing.
If you need a nice relaxation spot, Gurara falls it is.
It is advisable to come with food and drinks, as there is no where close by to buy them. You can relax, play card games, or lay on the mat and read, that is if you are not swimming or hiking beside the falls. It is family and kid friendly.

Hopefully with time I hope the government or private sector sees it as a tourist attraction that it truly is and build some recreational centers around it. For those who haven't been there, there is an affordable gate fee.

Assop Falls

Tourists attractions: Assop Falls, Jos Plateau State

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mount Patti and the Confluence

I had never visited Mount Patti in Lokoja or the Confluence until 2016, even I travel through Lokoja quite frequently though.

Monday, October 1, 2018

One chance

There is almost no day that passes by without one reading or hearing about "One Chance" Taxis or one form of scam or another. The desperation of these scammers seems to have tripled mostly because it is the end of the year again, while many rejoice and look forward to spending time with family, so many others are devising evil plans on how to dispossess unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard-earned naira and if unlucky get killed and organs harvested for ritual purposes.
Especially now that election is by the corner, there are so many stories on one chance, kidnapping, and ritual killings.


"Gbongbo" as it is popularly called by the Bassa-Nge people is one of the delicacies. It is made out of Bambara nuts also known as "Okpa" and "Kpagudu" in Bassa-Nge language. Bassa-Nge people are found in Kogi State, the middle belt of Nigeria.