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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Do you have that one colleague, friend relative with a body odor?
This might be what they need to do to eliminate it.

Pretty much everyone gets worried about their body odor at some point or another, or so i think.  Who hasn't done the subtle armpit check?

Here are some tips on how to eliminate them.
1. Keep yourself squeaky clean and shower at least once a day and you will wash away sweat as well as well as reduce the number bacteria  on your skin. sweat by it self is virtually odorless,but when microscopic bacteria that live naturally on the skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and raise quite a stink. so thorough washing, especially areas prone to sweating, can reduce body odor.
2. Apply an antiperspirant, many of them last a day. But you may need to re apply,especially if you have been exercising. unlike the deodorant,anti per spirant actually eliminate perspiration, while deodorant mask the smell.
if you are at home and do not have an anti per spirant and are looking for a quick fix to the odor, use hydrogen peroxide mixture, mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water. stir the mixture together and then dip a wash cloth in the mixture,rub under your armpit to relieve the odor.
3. use anti bacterial soap.
4. Keep your wardrobe squeaky clean. Change clothes often when you are sweating heavily.Wash your clothes regularly because body odor can seep into clothes.
5. Use lime. this is the best tip and lime works like magic and last longer than the anti per spirant.
6. Certain kinds of food also contributes to offensive body odors, try to eat healthy,what you eat affects how you smell. Try to cut down on heavily processed food, large quantity of garlic, onions and spices.
7. Eliminate stress,stress stimulates the apocrine glands, which are a type of gland that causes body odor.

The problem is that many people are unaware they have offensive body odor. It is kind of hard to walk up to anyone and tell them they have body odor without offending them. The best thing anyone should do is always use a deodorant or anti per spirant. Many people think that they do not need it,simply because they assume anti perspirants and deodorants are for people with body odor.
I do not use it because i have body odor, i use it because i want to smell nice. Smelling nice gives confidence, you don't have to walk into a group of people and be worried if you smell bad.
    Using a deodorant or anti per spirant and a perfume on your clothes should be like a daily ritual as you go out.  Some people assume that perfume covers body odor, unfortunately it does not. intact it gets worse when the odor miss with the perfume. Only perfume is not enough,use deodorant, lime or antiperspirant. Save yourself any embarrassment, and save people's noses from offensive smells.
I rather someone compliment my perfume,than wrinkle their noses when i pass by.
Lastly, if you do no live alone, i advice you and your partner, brother,sister smell each other before going out, that is for those who do not like to use anti per spirant or deodorants.

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