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Friday, March 13, 2015

100 Meters Race and the Gun wielding men

I woke up feeling a little tired on Friday ( probably because my subconscious knew it was weekend, which meant rest for me). I got to the office, signed in while waiting for my colleagues so that we would walk together to Allensar a communications dealer we had business with on Aminu Kano, Wuse 2 to also sign in,then proceed to K- city to buy breakfast from a Mama put(Those kain mama put Wey no dey get name).
 sometimes go through Aminu Kano or Parakou street. We decided to go through Parakou street which was less busier than Aminu Kano and shorter too. As we were walking past Smiles Communications,as usual we saw some of their staff outside,seems they wanted going somewhere. My colleagues and I were talking about how they like to form,and I was saying, I wouldn't even be surprised if the live in the shanty towns outside Abuja. Truth be told,they can form for Africa eh, I don't know if they do it for our benefit oh, always in high heels and forming American and British accent,hehehehe.
 Anyway,back to the Crux of the matter.

 After we walked past them, I heard the sound of car tyres screeching and automatically turned back to see a Metallic coloured 406 with tinted glass coming out of a Close driving into Parakou crescent. To say he drove like a maniac is to put it mildly. One would think it was a scene from Fast and Furious. At first I thought the Car had lost control and I was already feeling bad an accident was about to happen right in front of me And i I could do nothing to stop it.I  drew the attention of my two colleagues who were chatting away to the speeding vehicle, I  said it seems this car has failed break and may run into these stationary cars. So we stopped to look at it. Never seen any car on such speed except  in movies Or car race games on television.
Surprisingly it swerved and did not hit any car, but was still on top speed and swaying from left to right, when suddenly a Sienna appeared right behind it,with same speed and roughness. Am I witnessing Fast and Furious reloaded or what? I thought within me, could the driver of the Sienna be pursuing the driver of the 406? I asked no one in particular. I and colleagues were just awed at the kind of driving at 8:30am in the morning. Then suddenly the 406 turned swiftly into the next Close, as the Sienna was about to turn, we saw guns come out of the window,before we knew it they started shooting into the air. It happened very fast. What was going on here? In my mind I said,my legs where una dey? Make I take cover before stray bullet go come meet me oh. One of my colleague was still watching and I called out to her. Madam, this is not the type of thing to watch oh, stray bullet can hit anyone. Let us try to get out of these place, because I have a strong feeling they will still be back to this street again, by now we were not seeing these race vehicles any more,we were only hearing the gun shots farther and farther away, so we started walking away faster like we were brisk walking.
As if I was a Prophet, as predicted they were headed back to the street. The sporadic gun shots was getting closer, na so we tear race oh. "Omo" see run, even Blessing Okagbare would not have stood any chance near us oh, we would have given her a run for her money. We would have qualified for the next Olympics,with the way we sprinted to safety. I am sure if a wall stood in our way at that point we would have scaled it. See adrenaline pumping oh. Three of us bear our papa name instanta, who remember say he waka come with anybody? Tired what? Who remembered tiredness again? Where the strength came from I don't know. Did I even remember that I was carrying a heavy bag back? It felt light weight on my back. People ahead of us scampered to safety too,those who saw us running joined us, shooting nor stop oh, our saving grace when we got to the high way on Aminu Kano opposite Access bank was that we turned left,and they took the right turn towards Banex plaza road. One of my colleague was so confused and was running in the middle of the road,luckily for her there was no incoming vehicle, that would have become story that touch(God forbid) i on the other hand was running on the  pedestrian lane because I thought in the midst of it all,if they took the direction we did, it would be safer for me on the pedestrian lane,because the trees and cars would block me out a bit,while the third one was looking for a car to slide under, the one who was watching when they shot into the air the first time. A man stopped us,to tell us they took the turn towards Banex we should stop and catch our breath, na how we stop be dat oh. And people began to gather in small groups to discuss what they saw. I have no idea who they are, maybe robbers or kidnappers,what ever they are I will never know unless I see it in the news. It was terribly scary and I am glad we could laugh about it later on. What an adventurous day!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Victims Of Circumstances And Other Stories

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