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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The employee, his boss and her lingeries

What do you think?
I dont know if it is such a good idea for a female boss to send a male staff on errands to purchase her toileteries and even her undies.
This may come as a surprise to some of you but it trully did happen.  I witnessed it first hand.
I worked in a supermarket for a few months as a supervisor and I also carried out some administrative duties. I really did enjoy the job because one gets to meet different kinds of people. 
One of such usual work days, I noticed a young man on the surveillance camera who should be in his mid thirties or there about dressed in a nice expensive looking suit and great italian shoes. He looked confused, like he was looking for a particular product.
I decided to meet him to find out if he needed any help. I walked up to him,flashed a smile at him and asked if I could assist him with anything. He responded warmly and said he was looking for the section where female sanitaries were displayed. So I took him there and he specifically asked for tampax super for heavy flows. I showed it to him and he picked it and dropped it into his shopping basket. He also picked other types of sanitaries.
So, I asked if that was all or if he still needed my attention. He said he did because he still needed to pick female under wears and wanted me to direct him to the lingerie section.
I took him to the section where various kinds were displayed.  So I asked if he had a particular kind in mind and if he knew the size he wanted to buy.
He pointed at a pack of female under wears that looked a bit like a thongs.Then I asked what size he wanted
All this while I assumed he was shopping for his wife or girlfriend, but my assumptions were wrong!
He said he does not know the size but if I can open the pack and bring out one,he would be able to tell what size it is.
So I said why dont you confirm from wife or girlfriend so you dont pick a wrong size?.
He said,seriously I will know the size I want when I see it!
Besides I am not shopping for my wife or girlfriend!
Just when i began wondering who he could be shopping for, he added that he was shopping for his female boss! She had asked him to help her buy the sanitaries and a pack of under wear and that was not all,he knows her size! And by mere glancing at the under wear he would know which one would size her!
I was shocked!  And my imaginative mind began to work.
I asked myself why a female boss with ask a male staff to purchase such intimate stuff. How was it possible for him to just know the size of under pants she wore? What do you think?