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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It happened to me on this fateful day, some time in March 2014, I can't remember the precise day.
I was spending some weeks at my one of my female friend’s house in Garki, Abuja. I was not working at that time, so I kept myself busy writing a screen play. My female friend went to work as usual and I was left at home, so I was almost done typing my screen play.
She returned home at close of work at about 6pm. And there was no power.  So we hoped that by 8pm it may be restored, as they usually did some times. She had dinner, showered and slept off, while I continued typing and editing my screen play while chatting with my sister at the same time.

Before I knew it, it was 10pm, yet no power, or better yet nepa as we usually call it. I woke my friend up and asked if I should turn off the generator, she said we should leave it running for the next two hours, power might be restored then, so she connected her black berry phone to the extension box beside the LED television for charging.
I usually don’t sleep early and never comfortable sleeping if the generator is on. I just went on typing and chatting, multi-tasking you would say.  Then it was midnight, and there was no sign of nepa, again I woke my friend up and told her I have to turn off the generator this time around and she agreed. Then I sent a chat message to my sister that I would be right back, that I needed to turn off the generator. Usually I put my my phones in my pocket when I am moving around. This time around I left it on my laptop which I hadn't turned off.
 I wish I had carried the phone like I usually did, instead I picked the nokia phone that has torch light because I felt it would be more useful to me. On my way out, I ran into a petite dark skinned woman wearing a black jalabia and carrying what looked like a baby on her right shoulder. I wondered within me where she would be coming from with such a little baby at that hour. The baby looked small, thinking of it now I realized she was not carrying a baby. I also assumed she was my friend 's neighbor, because I didn't know all her neighbors
 So I walked towards the entrance gate where the generator was and I noticed a red car parked outside and the engine was still running,  but I didn't pay any attention to it. I went about my business and focused on the one reason I came outside at that hour; the generator. I turned it off and headed back to the room.  I noticed a shadow around the television while I was still outside, I assumed my friend got up to pick her phone. But when I got in I saw someone waking up my friend.  She was tapping her lightly and also saying "auntie!  auntie!"
I was first of all confused and shocked. The room was dark, so I could not make out the woman's face and her voice was unfamiliar,  so I flashed the torch on my nokia phone on her, guess who I found in the middle of the room waking up my friend.  The jalabia wearing woman I ran into on my way to put off the generator.  I thought she was a neighbor, so what was she doing here at this hour? I asked no one in particular. So I asked, excuse me Madam,  what are you doing here and why are you waking my friend up? By this time my friend had become fully awake. She got up from the bed and questioned the jalabia wearing woman as well.
She stammered a bit, and said, "auntie no be you get shop outside here"? Which shop?  My friend and I asked almost simultaneously.  She said " that provision shop"
My friend responded by saying she must be in a wrong house as no one here had any shop outside. She said "maybe na new una pack come here, the auntie wey get dat shop outside na here she bin de"
What we both didn't know was that she had already stolen my Sony android phone and my friend's black berry, coupled with the fact that it was dark we didnt check for our phones, but who would suspect a decently dressed mother and her assumed baby? Besides I never heard of the jalabia wearing female thieves until I became a victim. As soon as she was stepping out, I thought about my phone,and I said,  'babe this woman has stolen our phones'. She said no, that is not possible. I said in that case let us check for them. I rushed to my laptop and the phone was not on it. My friend rushed towards the television,  only the black berry charger greeted her. I was right, the phones had disappeared with the woman.  We ran outside the gate and we could not even catch a glimpse of her. So we asked the security if he saw any woman wearing a black jalabia and carrying a baby. That was when we knew she belonged to a syndicate. The red car I noticed earlier had brought her and was waiting for her.
I was upset because I had alot of information on that phone and also because it was stolen easily,right under my nose.I had about eight gigabyte data on it. We tried calling the lines. They weren't picking it, but seemed like while trying to put off the black berry they mistakenly dialed the last number my friend had called. So the person picked the call, but they did not know.  He over heard their conversation ; they were two women and a man who drove the car. They were planning on where they would go next for their operation and after a few minutes put it off. That was how I lost my phone to an unsuspecting woman . The next day I started hearing lots of stories about how they steal communications gadgets from homes and offices. The only thing I got back was my line that I welcomed back.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The employee, his boss and her lingeries

What do you think?
I dont know if it is such a good idea for a female boss to send a male staff on errands to purchase her toileteries and even her undies.
This may come as a surprise to some of you but it trully did happen.  I witnessed it first hand.
I worked in a supermarket for a few months as a supervisor and I also carried out some administrative duties. I really did enjoy the job because one gets to meet different kinds of people. 
One of such usual work days, I noticed a young man on the surveillance camera who should be in his mid thirties or there about dressed in a nice expensive looking suit and great italian shoes. He looked confused, like he was looking for a particular product.
I decided to meet him to find out if he needed any help. I walked up to him,flashed a smile at him and asked if I could assist him with anything. He responded warmly and said he was looking for the section where female sanitaries were displayed. So I took him there and he specifically asked for tampax super for heavy flows. I showed it to him and he picked it and dropped it into his shopping basket. He also picked other types of sanitaries.
So, I asked if that was all or if he still needed my attention. He said he did because he still needed to pick female under wears and wanted me to direct him to the lingerie section.
I took him to the section where various kinds were displayed.  So I asked if he had a particular kind in mind and if he knew the size he wanted to buy.
He pointed at a pack of female under wears that looked a bit like a thongs.Then I asked what size he wanted
All this while I assumed he was shopping for his wife or girlfriend, but my assumptions were wrong!
He said he does not know the size but if I can open the pack and bring out one,he would be able to tell what size it is.
So I said why dont you confirm from wife or girlfriend so you dont pick a wrong size?.
He said,seriously I will know the size I want when I see it!
Besides I am not shopping for my wife or girlfriend!
Just when i began wondering who he could be shopping for, he added that he was shopping for his female boss! She had asked him to help her buy the sanitaries and a pack of under wear and that was not all,he knows her size! And by mere glancing at the under wear he would know which one would size her!
I was shocked!  And my imaginative mind began to work.
I asked myself why a female boss with ask a male staff to purchase such intimate stuff. How was it possible for him to just know the size of under pants she wore? What do you think?