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Thursday, July 11, 2013


We all came with a price tag from our
manufacturer. a high price tag for that matter.
for that reason , we must all learn to place a high
value on ourselves. it is very important that we
respect our selves so that other people can
respect. one way we can respect ourselves is by
been content with what we have. when you are
discontented with what you have, you definitely
must live above your means. which means that
you either go into robbery or prostitution. for
instance, someone who earns 30,000 monthly
wants to use a blackberry phone? where will the
money come from? most times out of
desperation, many ladies go sleeping around to
be be able to get the money. at the end of the
day, the man gives you nothing more than 10,000
naira. now, tell me, is your body not worth more
than 10,000, or a blackberry phone,new hair do,
clothes and food you will pass out as excreta?
where has all the morals gone to? Young chics
between the ages of 17 and 25 years old are
even worse now. in those days, Men go out to
seek women, these days, the reverse is the case,
the girls go out to attack the men. all these, they
do for money! money!! money!!! . the likes of
Condoleeza Rice did not need to sleep her way to
where she is now, neither did Oprah Winfrey or
our very own Chimamanda Adichie. some chics
are even satisfied with a bottle of drink, a plate
of food, 500 naira or 2,000naira! may God forbid.
if sex could make one rich, do you not think that
prostitutes will be zillionaires now? they would
own the best houses, cars and have the fatest
account. Have you not noticed that prostitution
does not pay? most prostitutes are still squatters,
or those who manage to stay on their own live in
slums. if sex fetches money they would be living
large now and retire early from prostitution, do
you think they do not want better lives? those
ladies who are involved in voodoo in order to
attract men to give them money; how much do
you think they give them at the end of the day?
this note is meant especially for Sisters who have
no value on their body, Sisters who can do
anything to get money. if only we learn to be
content with what we have, work with our brains
and not our breast, the world would have been a
better place to live in. please Sisters, no matter
the challenge you face, try to turn everything to
God and stop thinking that sex can solve it. it
does not, how many men do you have to sleep
with in your life time before solving your issues. if
what you earn can only buy bronze, then work
hard, stick with bronze till you can afford gold. no
one is going to give you an award on what
designer jewelries, clothes and shoes you wear. if
you can afford it, then by all means buy them,
but if you have to go extra miles by having sex
with lots of men to get it, then it is not worth it.
learn to place a price tag on yourself and people
will respect you for who you are. as a wise man
once said, " you will be addressed the way you
present yourself to people. my working class
sisters and those who are still in school, let us
work hard and make a positive mark in the
society, let us not be the kind that will cheapen
ourselves before men to get anything. in our
chosen careers, let us all try to make a make and
be remembered for good, and not for sleeping
around or throwing ourselves at men for money.
we came with a price tag, let us learn to respect

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