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Monday, July 22, 2013


HOLDING ON TO RELATIONSHIPS WITH BLEAK FUTURE.                                                                                                          Alot of people,especially ladies hold on to relationships with a very bleak future. They are afraid to face reality. Its not as if they are blind to the actions of their partner. They are only afraid of starting with another person,because they have built their world all around him/her. Or afraid that they might not find another person. It is a wrong misconception. There is no use holding on to a bad relationship where love is not reciprocated or brings us pain.                                            

Here are some useful tips to help ladies if a guy is not into you.                                                

When the hurt is more than the joy,there is no point holding on. Find your way out of it,you will find a better man,who will add to your happiness. If you are already enduring in a relationship,what will you do in marriage?  One sad thing about life is that, when you meet someone and fall inlove only to find out later that it was not meant to be,and that you have wasted years,energy,emotions on someone who was not worth it.  If he isn't worth it now,he is not going to be worth it a year or ten years from now, let him go... No matter how hard it might be. You will survive without him and meet someone who will treat you like a Queen.

You do not need to put in too much effort to win a man's love,love comes naturally. If you have to remind a guy to call you,or nag at him to visit you before he does, dear sister,he isn't worth it. If you have to complain a great deal,or report to a lot of people,before he calls or visits you,he is not into you. Do not force it. No matter how busy anyone is, they are still able to create time for people they love.

If a man you are in a relationship with hardly calls you.there is some one he calls. Have you ever seen a man inlove? He will call frequently,visit you,shower you with affection,tell anyone who cares to listen about you. If between three to six months, the relationship is still stagnant and has not moved to another level,you should become alert. If he does not introduce you to his friends,family and colleagues after dating for sometime,he has something to hide.
A man in love will be so proud of showing you off,love cannot be hidden. If he claims to be too busy for you, there is no point wasting your time,if he uses his to front, he is not into you. The busiest medical doctors make time for people they love. When someone loves you,he will want to be around you,hear from you no matter the distance between you. You will be topmost in his thoughts.  

If he has or shows no interest in your dreams,career and aspirations,he is not into you. A man who loves a woman does all he can to help that woman actualize her dreams. A man who finds fault in all you do,in his eyes all you do is wrong, complains about your size instead of encouraging you to keep and stay fit,instead he talks down at you and makes you lose confidence in yourself. A man who loves a woman appreciates her as she is.
If you have to struggle to please him,then he is not worth the trouble.                                               

A man you have to kill,give up your dreams for or even lose your identity for,is not worth it. It is not about been a feminist,no. To be in a relationship does not mean killing one's dreams,neither does it mean losing one's identity. True love should help balance your career and love life. If he does not remember your birthday,and keeps giving excuses why he didn't remember,reconsider the relationship. If your special moments are not important to him,what else will? 

There is no point in managing or patching up a relationship       
(when you are not a vulcanizer).  

No relationship is a bed of roses,they have their ups and downs,that does not mean that you should be mistreated by any man. When a man loves a woman,he does not care if she is ugly,unbearable or short tempered. He only sees good in you.

You are special,you are a gold fish,you deserve someone who loves,cares,respects and appreciate you. Do not mind the years or months you must have spent with him,please let him go,so that you can meet the one who deserves you.  Have you never heard of relationships where the lady waited for four or more years to be proposed to and the man keeps giving excuses that he is not ready,then after they break up,he marries his new girlfriend after three months?

Most times ladies worsen relationships for themselves by moving in with the man. When you are already acting like a wife,when you are still a girlfriend,why would he be in a hurry to marry you? The point is this,if a man is not into you,if you like do all his laundry,prepare his meal,clean the house,he would still not marry you.

Save yourself from an impending heartbreak. If you succeed in marrying him,you will never be happy. Are you willing to throw away your happiness and joy? Stop holding onto what is not there. Just like you don't force a shoe on your feet, do not force a relationship to work,else you would be hurt.

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