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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Government please take care of the aged.

its so disheartening the way Nigerian government
treats those who have served their nation for
years. In developed nations,provisions are made
for the aged. They take proper care of them. In
nigeria that is not the case. Imagine some who
retired since 2009 have not been paid their
gratuity. How are they expected to take care of
themselves? Even the meagre pension they pay
them,you need to see the stressful screening they
put them through. Ailing aged people who cannot
walk are forced to be backed to screening
centres. Do they deserve that from a government
they have served? Isnt it because of pension after
retirement that most people prefer public jobs to
private jobs? Many pensioners die in the process
of screening. Some never see their gratuity till
they die. The government have failed our aged
people. Please Nigerian  government,pay retirees their gratuity,do they have to beg, bribe and lobby for their entitlement? Is not that government provided any health care scheme for the age. Yet the entitlements have not been paid.
Many are ill and can not get proper medical attention,because the resources are not available
I use this medium to appeal to Kogi state government and other state governments to please pay up gratuities.

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