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Monday, July 22, 2013


HOLDING ON TO RELATIONSHIPS WITH BLEAK FUTURE.                                                                                                          Alot of people,especially ladies hold on to relationships with a very bleak future. They are afraid to face reality. Its not as if they are blind to the actions of their partner. They are only afraid of starting with another person,because they have built their world all around him/her. Or afraid that they might not find another person. It is a wrong misconception. There is no use holding on to a bad relationship where love is not reciprocated or brings us pain.                                            

Here are some useful tips to help ladies if a guy is not into you.                                                

When the hurt is more than the joy,there is no point holding on. Find your way out of it,you will find a better man,who will add to your happiness. If you are already enduring in a relationship,what will you do in marriage?  One sad thing about life is that, when you meet someone and fall inlove only to find out later that it was not meant to be,and that you have wasted years,energy,emotions on someone who was not worth it.  If he isn't worth it now,he is not going to be worth it a year or ten years from now, let him go... No matter how hard it might be. You will survive without him and meet someone who will treat you like a Queen.

You do not need to put in too much effort to win a man's love,love comes naturally. If you have to remind a guy to call you,or nag at him to visit you before he does, dear sister,he isn't worth it. If you have to complain a great deal,or report to a lot of people,before he calls or visits you,he is not into you. Do not force it. No matter how busy anyone is, they are still able to create time for people they love.

If a man you are in a relationship with hardly calls you.there is some one he calls. Have you ever seen a man inlove? He will call frequently,visit you,shower you with affection,tell anyone who cares to listen about you. If between three to six months, the relationship is still stagnant and has not moved to another level,you should become alert. If he does not introduce you to his friends,family and colleagues after dating for sometime,he has something to hide.
A man in love will be so proud of showing you off,love cannot be hidden. If he claims to be too busy for you, there is no point wasting your time,if he uses his to front, he is not into you. The busiest medical doctors make time for people they love. When someone loves you,he will want to be around you,hear from you no matter the distance between you. You will be topmost in his thoughts.  

If he has or shows no interest in your dreams,career and aspirations,he is not into you. A man who loves a woman does all he can to help that woman actualize her dreams. A man who finds fault in all you do,in his eyes all you do is wrong, complains about your size instead of encouraging you to keep and stay fit,instead he talks down at you and makes you lose confidence in yourself. A man who loves a woman appreciates her as she is.
If you have to struggle to please him,then he is not worth the trouble.                                               

A man you have to kill,give up your dreams for or even lose your identity for,is not worth it. It is not about been a feminist,no. To be in a relationship does not mean killing one's dreams,neither does it mean losing one's identity. True love should help balance your career and love life. If he does not remember your birthday,and keeps giving excuses why he didn't remember,reconsider the relationship. If your special moments are not important to him,what else will? 

There is no point in managing or patching up a relationship       
(when you are not a vulcanizer).  

No relationship is a bed of roses,they have their ups and downs,that does not mean that you should be mistreated by any man. When a man loves a woman,he does not care if she is ugly,unbearable or short tempered. He only sees good in you.

You are special,you are a gold fish,you deserve someone who loves,cares,respects and appreciate you. Do not mind the years or months you must have spent with him,please let him go,so that you can meet the one who deserves you.  Have you never heard of relationships where the lady waited for four or more years to be proposed to and the man keeps giving excuses that he is not ready,then after they break up,he marries his new girlfriend after three months?

Most times ladies worsen relationships for themselves by moving in with the man. When you are already acting like a wife,when you are still a girlfriend,why would he be in a hurry to marry you? The point is this,if a man is not into you,if you like do all his laundry,prepare his meal,clean the house,he would still not marry you.

Save yourself from an impending heartbreak. If you succeed in marrying him,you will never be happy. Are you willing to throw away your happiness and joy? Stop holding onto what is not there. Just like you don't force a shoe on your feet, do not force a relationship to work,else you would be hurt.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Never say never

Never say never.
Halle Berry is a bride once more, it looks like.
The expectant Oscar-winner, 46, appears to
have wed French film star Olivier Martinez,
47, on Saturday at the Chateau des Conde in
Vallery, France, according to photographs
showing wedding guests entering a white tent
adjoining the chateau, which has a church on
its grounds.
Six years ago the actress told InStyle, "I will
never, never get married again."
Keep up with Halle Berry in the pages of
PEOPLE Magazine by subscribing now .
But four days ago the duo boarded a flight to
Paris with Berry's daughter, 5-year-old Nahla .
The pair met in 2010 while co-starring in Dark
Tide . Although the movie was a flop, their
chemistry has been red-hot ever since their
romance spilled off-screen.
"She has called him 'The One,' " says Sophie
Dulac, president of the Champs-Elysées Film
Festival, which the couple attended together in
Martinez's native Paris last month. "She's said
she never expected to meet this Frenchman,
to fall in love like she has."
"They seem truly in love," Dulac also said.
"I've known Olivier very well and have never seen him like this."
The crinkle-eyed Frenchman proposed in early 2012 and presented Berry with an emerald
engagement ring by Paris designer Robert Mazlo.
In April, the couple revealed they're expecting their first child together – a boy – early this fall, an
unexpected joy Berry has called "the biggest surprise of my life." The baby will join big sister
Nahla, Berry's daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. Martinez infamously slugged Berry's ex
last Thanksgiving after Aubrey reportedly attacked him while dropping off Nahla for the holiday.
This would mark Berry's third trip down the aisle. She was previously married to baseball player
David Justice in the early 1990s and to singer Eric Benét in the early 2000s.
This would be a first marriage for Martinez, who previously dated singer Kylie Minogue.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


We all came with a price tag from our
manufacturer. a high price tag for that matter.
for that reason , we must all learn to place a high
value on ourselves. it is very important that we
respect our selves so that other people can
respect. one way we can respect ourselves is by
been content with what we have. when you are
discontented with what you have, you definitely
must live above your means. which means that
you either go into robbery or prostitution. for
instance, someone who earns 30,000 monthly
wants to use a blackberry phone? where will the
money come from? most times out of
desperation, many ladies go sleeping around to
be be able to get the money. at the end of the
day, the man gives you nothing more than 10,000
naira. now, tell me, is your body not worth more
than 10,000, or a blackberry phone,new hair do,
clothes and food you will pass out as excreta?
where has all the morals gone to? Young chics
between the ages of 17 and 25 years old are
even worse now. in those days, Men go out to
seek women, these days, the reverse is the case,
the girls go out to attack the men. all these, they
do for money! money!! money!!! . the likes of
Condoleeza Rice did not need to sleep her way to
where she is now, neither did Oprah Winfrey or
our very own Chimamanda Adichie. some chics
are even satisfied with a bottle of drink, a plate
of food, 500 naira or 2,000naira! may God forbid.
if sex could make one rich, do you not think that
prostitutes will be zillionaires now? they would
own the best houses, cars and have the fatest
account. Have you not noticed that prostitution
does not pay? most prostitutes are still squatters,
or those who manage to stay on their own live in
slums. if sex fetches money they would be living
large now and retire early from prostitution, do
you think they do not want better lives? those
ladies who are involved in voodoo in order to
attract men to give them money; how much do
you think they give them at the end of the day?
this note is meant especially for Sisters who have
no value on their body, Sisters who can do
anything to get money. if only we learn to be
content with what we have, work with our brains
and not our breast, the world would have been a
better place to live in. please Sisters, no matter
the challenge you face, try to turn everything to
God and stop thinking that sex can solve it. it
does not, how many men do you have to sleep
with in your life time before solving your issues. if
what you earn can only buy bronze, then work
hard, stick with bronze till you can afford gold. no
one is going to give you an award on what
designer jewelries, clothes and shoes you wear. if
you can afford it, then by all means buy them,
but if you have to go extra miles by having sex
with lots of men to get it, then it is not worth it.
learn to place a price tag on yourself and people
will respect you for who you are. as a wise man
once said, " you will be addressed the way you
present yourself to people. my working class
sisters and those who are still in school, let us
work hard and make a positive mark in the
society, let us not be the kind that will cheapen
ourselves before men to get anything. in our
chosen careers, let us all try to make a make and
be remembered for good, and not for sleeping
around or throwing ourselves at men for money.
we came with a price tag, let us learn to respect

Government please take care of the aged.

its so disheartening the way Nigerian government
treats those who have served their nation for
years. In developed nations,provisions are made
for the aged. They take proper care of them. In
nigeria that is not the case. Imagine some who
retired since 2009 have not been paid their
gratuity. How are they expected to take care of
themselves? Even the meagre pension they pay
them,you need to see the stressful screening they
put them through. Ailing aged people who cannot
walk are forced to be backed to screening
centres. Do they deserve that from a government
they have served? Isnt it because of pension after
retirement that most people prefer public jobs to
private jobs? Many pensioners die in the process
of screening. Some never see their gratuity till
they die. The government have failed our aged
people. Please Nigerian  government,pay retirees their gratuity,do they have to beg, bribe and lobby for their entitlement? Is not that government provided any health care scheme for the age. Yet the entitlements have not been paid.
Many are ill and can not get proper medical attention,because the resources are not available
I use this medium to appeal to Kogi state government and other state governments to please pay up gratuities.

Obey your Boss

Obey your Boss. Bosses are not always easy to
please. They may even be the sandpaper God is
using to polish the rough edges of your life. it is
awesome that the creator this universe stopped
long enough to personally advise employees to be
obedient to their employee. Obedience in the
work place consist of careful listening, taking
notes and total concentration on completion of
task. Do it. God will prosper you for it.Mike
( Ephesians 6:5), "Servants be obedient to them
that are your Masters according to the flesh, with
fear and trembling in singleness of your heart, as
unto Christ.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two men lashed in public in Iran

NCRI - The Iranian regime's henchmen lashed two
men in public in southeastern city of Borazjan.
The victims who were identified by their initials
'A.M.' and 'Y.M.' each one received 70 lashes.
As sham elections approaches there has been a
rise in number of cases of lashing and hanging
prisoners in public in cities across Iran.
The Iranian regime's henchmen lashed publicly a
24-years-old man at midday on May 7, in a small
town in northern province of Qazvin after being
paraded in humiliating manner in a nearby city.
The man received 110 lashes in the main square
of the town of Ziaran in the province. The town
has around 7,000 inhabitants.
The victim who was only identified with his initials
M.S. also was paraded in a nearby city of Abyek
before being lashed in public.
Degrading punishments are systematically used in
Iran by the State Security Forces in order to
embarrass and humiliate the youth in their

Unbelievable! Stone age still exist in Nigeria,literally.

Undressed Adam and Eve Still
Alive in Taraba state. Nigeria.
This may look like a screen shot from the
popular movie ‘The gods must be crazy’ but
hey!! this is real and yeah, they literally still
live in the stone age. Poverty and diseases
ravage their land, like locusts.
A good number of them still dress in the
manner of, the Biblical Adam and Eve in the
Garden of Eden — stark Unclad — with fresh
leaves for a little covering. You are welcome
to the top of the Gerinjina mountain in
Gashaka Local Government area of Taraba
It was like a story from Mars when a casual
talk to the hearing of this reporter indicated
that there was a community up the mountain
that lived worse than those of the Koma
people who were discovered in the mid-1980s
by a group of National youth corps members
in the then Gongola State, now split into
Adamawa and Taraba states. While the Koma
community resides in Adamawa State, the
new Stone Age people are in Taraba State.
They are called, the Jibu people and they are
descendants of the Kwarafa Kingdom who
lived for centuries in nine communities
scattered around on the mountains in
Historical accounts have it that the people
lived together with their fellow brothers in
the kingdom until about 1807 when Fulani
Jihadists invaded the kingdom.
They were said to have run to the mountain
top where they now live and are completely
cut off from other tribes, and by extension
the whole world. Not even the activities of
the colonial masters reached them, largely
because of the difficult terrain of their new
abode. The mountain top is characterised by
rivers, deep gullies and huge rocks.
Just like any other group of human beings,
the Jibu people have their ways of life. These
include collective circumcision of boys born
within the same age group, a ceremony
performed with the use sharp objects.
It is considered a test of strength and
character for their boys not to cry during the
ceremony. The circumcised are kept on
bamboo beds and covered with fresh leaves
that are gathered and burnt after the wound
has healed.
For a young Jibu man to get a wife, he must
serve the family of his bride for five years.
Nonetheless, the marriage is determined by
the capacity of the woman to conceive. This
is measured by a dried long firewood that is
set on fire for at least three months, within
which if the woman does not become
pregnant, the simple communication is the
gods do not want the marriage.
Pregnant women work on the farms to the
day of their delivery.
They have a communal life and are ruled by
the Waziri Garinjina, Tann Shidin Zunbi, who
confirmed in an interview with the Nigerian
Compass on Saturday that maternal and child
mortality rates are high among them.
The Jibu people are neither Christians nor
Muslims. Rather, they believe in their own
gods and the ancestors.
In an event of violation of their natural laws
by any individual, animals are slaughtered to
appease the land. It is also a similar story
during every cropping season. The harvests
are brought before the Waziri for sacrifice to
the gods, after which their brand of liquor is
prepared for everybody to drink in
merriment. Incidentally too, the Jibu people
believe that some gods are not friendly with
women. Thus, throughout the period of ritual
preparations, women remain indoors to
avoid being exposed to the gods who could
be harmful to them.
When our correspondent visited Gerinjina,
their condition of living was worse than that
of the much-talked about Koma people.
There is no access road. They drink water
with animals from the same rivers. In their
scattered settlement system, there is no
school around except for some missionaries
who have a thatched space for that purpose
but is yet to have any student. After a day’s
job on the farm, their women still have the
task of grinding raw corn with heavy stones
before food is ready for their male
  Culled from newsinnigeria.

Who knows how many more settlements still exist and have not been discovered?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Woman with 16inches waist.

It's a cinch! Woman gets a
miniscule 16 inch waist by
sleeping in a corset for
THREE years (and she still
wants to get smaller)
Michele Kobke, 24, has a 16in waist but wants
a smaller one
Her tiny waist has already caused her however, doctors say that a waist bigger than
31.49in (80cm) could lead to serious problems,
including heart disease.
Recent figures show that nearly 57 per cent of
British women have waists bigger than the
healthy limit set by experts.
But tests reveal that Michele's tiny waist is also
causing problems, among them digestive
troubles as her stomach is forced out of its
natural postiion.
According to Dr Rudiger Langer, specialist in
internal medicine, the corset has also resulted in
Michele having weaker lungs than is normal for
a woman her age.
'In time, it won't be possible to move without
the corset, or in the worst case, it won't be
possible to move in general,' he warns.
Although Kobke's tiny waist is guaranteed to
raise a few eyebrows, not least that of her
doctor, the German believes she has the perfect
feminine figure.
breathing and digestive problems
Doctor warns that eventually, she may not be
able to stand unsupported
Her dream is a waist that measures 14in like
idol Cathie Jung
Jung currently holds the record for having the
world's smallest midriff.

For most of us, a slender waist is the product of
a careful diet and plenty of exercise. But not for
Michele Kobke, 24.
The Berliner has shrunk her waist from 25in
(64cm) to just 16in (40cm) by wearing a corset
every day for three years - even while sleeping.
And despite now having a waist smaller than
most catwalk models, the German slimmer says
she hopes to whittle her waist down to a
shocking 14inches (38cm).

In 2008, her waist was
25 inches, and now, it is ten
inches smaller
'It embraces me and gives me [a] pretty,
defined waist,' she revealed. It feels nice and
smooth. It's unique.'
But Michele's tiny waist could prove to have
serious consequences for her health, and
already, she struggles to stand up without her
corset, thanks to wasted muscles in her back
and stomach.
Her stomach is so constricted, she can't eat a
normal meal and instead eats up to 10 small
meals a day.
Not that she's concerned: 'My life hasn't
changed, just slowed down a little,' she reveals.
'Now my movement is more feminine.
'Right now I'm a little breathless, changing
corsets is like a high-performance sport for me'
Tiny though Kobke's waist is, the record for the
world's tiniest midriff is held by another -
American Cathie Jung, whose waist measures
just under 15in (38cm).
By comparison, the average British woman has a
waist that measures 33.43in (84.9cm) -
equivalent to a dress size 14.

Radiant in her wedding dress, the bride who will be Britain's first black marchioness (and she still managed a smile despite father-in-law snubbing ceremony because of erotic paintings row)

Radiant in her wedding dress, the bride who will be Britain's first black marchioness (and she still managed a smile despite father-in-law snubbing ceremony because of erotic paintings row) Picturesque setting: The couple outside the family seat at Longleat, but his parents, Lord and Lady bath, refused to attend the ceremony. Emma McQuiston married future Marquess of Bath Ceawlin Thynn at family seat of Longleat House. Daughter of Nigerian oil tycoon suggests she is being made to 'feel different or separate because of her race' Marquess of Bath and his wife instead went to the wedding of two professional polo players in Hampshire Lord Bath angry at son's renovation of Longleat which involved removal of a number of his prized erotic paintings Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, married the daughter of a Nigerian oil tycoon yesterday, but the ceremony was overshadowed by the conspicuous absence of his parents who refused to attend as a family feud rumbled on. Emma McQuiston will make history when she becomes the first black Marchioness in Britain after her wedding to the future Marquess of Bath at the family seat of Longleat. But she claims her relationship with the aristocrat has caused upset among the British elite because of her ethnicity and background. Picturesque setting: The couple outside the family seat at Longleat, but his parents, Lord and Lady bath, refused to attend the ceremony Viscount Weymouth, Ceawlin Thynn, with his bride Emma McQuiston at Longleat (left). The groom's father the Marquess of Bath (right) decided to attend another society wedding with his wife Anna Gael. They watched Heloise Lorentzen marry polo player Sean Wilson-Smith at the village of Wonston, Hampshire, instead In an interview with society magazine Tatler, the 27-year-old said: 'There's class and then there's the racial thing. It's a jungle and I'm going through it and discovering things as I grow up. 'I’m not super-easily offended but it’s a problem when someone’s making you feel different or separate because of your race. I have never had anything horrible said or happen, but it is something you sense. You can just tell with some people.’ But the Marquess of Bath – famous for his string of ‘wifelets’ – and his real wife, Hungarian-born Anna Gael, 69, boycotted the ceremony, which took place at Longleat House.

Chino and Craig's beautiful Cross Cultural Wedding.

Chino +Craig-Nigerian and Jewish Cross-Cultural Wedding-L.A Chino and Craig’s love story could best be described as one that was meant to be. They Met on a dating site called, and immediately made an instantanous connection, and they’ve been inseperable ever since. Both living in two different coast, they know that evntually, one wuld have to move, and so they worked hard to make their relationship a success. Their gorgeous wedding was photographed by Michelle Logan.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Miss Nigeria 2013

Miss Nigerian 2013 holds tomorrow
July 6th at Intercontinental
The 38th Annual Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant/
Charity Ball will hold tomorrow Saturday July
6th at Intercontinental Hotel, in Victoria Island.
The show promises to be entertaining,
electrifying and awe-inspiring. There will be
sensational musical performances, arts,
creativity and so much more this year. The
show would support a cause for charity
"Education, A Salvation for Kids". Continue..
Miss Nigeria 2013 is offering a life changing
opportunity to one lucky winner with very
attractive and prestigious prices.
Special Guests include-First Lady Ekiti State
(Mrs. Erelu Bisi Fayemi),
Mrs. Grace Oyelude (First Miss Nigeria-1957)
1. Stephanie Bassey
2. Alli Zeenat
3. Precious Oghenevwede
4. Queen Celestine
5. Awonuga Tomi
6. Sadiq Olive
7. Nwachukwu Bukola
8. Aisha Ngohile Mohammed
9. Sawyerr Toluwalope
10. Lara Treasure Anaye
11. Ajayi Esther
12. Ogodo Uche Doris
13. Adolph Barbara
14. Odimegwu Mildred .C
15. Tarila Okah
16. Dokubo Tari
17. Akudo Ezinne
18. Elisha Mariam
19. Anyanwu Tochukwu
20. Eluke Adaeze
21. Olisah Violet
Sponsors include - InterContinental Lagos,
Martini, Mud, Aero, R&R Luxury, Genevieve
Magazine, Lo'lavita Hair, Equity Assurance,
Vilisco, CoolFM/Wazobia, Linda Ikeji, Ekiti State
Government, Sari Signature, AIT, 1407 Style,
Studio 24
For Tickets, Bookings and Reservations call:
08186960370, 08091892258

Kim Ung-Yong : Attended University at age 4.

This Korean super-genius was born on March 7 1963 and
might just be the smartest guy alive today (he’s
recognized by the Guinness Book of World
Records as having the highest IQ of anyone on
the planet). Kim was born in Hongje-dong,Seoul,South Korea. His father was Kim Soo-Sun a professor. Kim started speaking at the age of six months and by the age of three he was already
able to read in Japanese, Korean, German, and
English and other languages. When he was four years old, his father said he had memorised about 2,000 words in both English and German. He was writing poetry in Korean and Chinese and wrote two very short books of essays and poems.(less than 20pages). On  the 5th of November 1977 he solved
complicated differential and integral calculus
problems. Later, on Japanese television, he
demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese,
Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, German, English,
Japanese, and Korean. Kim was listed in the
Guinness Book of World Records under “Highest
IQ”; the book estimated the boy’s score at over
Kim was a guest student of physics at Hanyang
University from
the age of 3 until he was 6. At
the age of 7 he was invited to America by NASA.
He finished his university studies, eventually
getting a Ph.D. in physics before he was 15. In
1974, during his university studies, he began his
research work at NASA and continued this work
until his return to Korea in 1978 where he
decided to switch from physics to civil
engineering and eventually received a
doctorate in that field. Kim was offered the
chance to study at the most prestigious
universities in Korea, but instead chose to
attend a provincial university. As of 2007 he also
serves as adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National
University .

Youth Corper crippled by Camp Commandant.

Youth Corper
Crippled By Camp
Miss Mercy Okpithe joined
the Dance Troupe on the
Orientation Camp of the
National Youth Service
Corps (NYSC) in Anambra
State in November 2012.
But four months later she
was severely beaten up by
the Camp Commandant.
Captain S.O. Beke attacked
her about 11:00p.m on
Monday, March 18, this
year. She allegedly fainted
and was rushed to the
camp clinic. The following
day, she was transferred
to the Anambra State
University Teaching
Hospital, Awka. At the
hospital, she was
diagnosed with dislocation
of coccyx, a small
triangular bone at the
base of the spinal column .
The hospital further
referred her to the
National Orthopaedic
Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos,
for special attention. It
was gathered that she
might be flown abroad for
Mercy was visited by the
correspondent in her
home at Lagos. As she lay
down on a couch in their
living room, the young
lady writhed in pains,
even as she struggled to
answer the reporter’s
questions. “When the
Batch A corps members
were in the Orientation
Camp in March, this year,
the NYSC officials invited
members of the Dance
Troupe to the camp to
teach the new corps
members how to dance.
We got to the camp in the
evening of Sunday, March
“We were 15 all together:
11 boys and four girls.
The girls were not meant
to stay together in the
same room with the boys.
But we had to because
there was no vacant room.
The following morning,
the NYSC State
Coordinator gave a
directive that a separate
room should be given to
the girls. But the officials
could not find a vacant
room for us.
“So, they put us in one of
the rooms occupied by
some Batch ‘A’ female
corps members. We took
two mattresses each to
the place. There were no
bunks. So, we spread the
mattresses on the ground.
Thereafter, the other
three girls slept but I was
still awake . I was listening
to music on my phone,
using an earpiece.
“Around 11:00p.m., some
soldiers came into the
room. They were both
males and females. I felt
it was a normal thing
because they did the same
thing when I was in the
camp for orientation
exercise in November
2012. Then, I noticed that
a female soldier was
arguing with one of my
friends, Ifedayo
“Then, the female soldier
forcefully removed one of
the mattresses which she
slept on. Ifedayo sought
to know her offence and
the soldier hit her. I
quickly rose up and
caught her as she was
falling. Otherwise, she
would have hit her head
against the wall. But she
sprained her hand.
“The incident caused a
scene. Many corps
members came out and
argued with the soldiers.
As this was going on,
Ifedayo was crying. We
calmed her down. Then,
the NYSC Schedule Officer
came around. He sought
to know what happened.
As I was explaining what I
knew about the incident to
him, I heard the voice of
the Camp Commandant
telling all the corps
members to go inside.
“Before I finished my
explanation, the
commandant came and
pushed me. I sought to
know why he pushed me.
But he pushed me again. I
told him to stop pushing
me because he could not
push his sister like that.
But he continued until he
pushed me to the wall.
Then, he kicked me from
the ground and I hit the
ground with my back. I
couldn’t move. Then, I
heard other soldiers
saying ‘die, die, die’ till I
passed out.”
According to a sourse, the
Schedule Officer ran to
call the State Coordinator,
Mrs. I.B. Ekpe, when the
commandant was
purportedly beating the
corps member.
Mr. Solomon Okpithe,
Mercy’s father, said an
official of the NYSC called
him on phone in the
afternoon of Tuesday,
March 19, telling him that
Mercy was involved in an
accident and that he
should come to Awka
The official told Mercy’s
father to come with
somebody who would stay
in the teaching hospital to
take care of Mercy. When
he got to the hospital with
his wife at about 12:30p.m
the following day, they
were shocked to hear that
she was brutalised by the
camp commandant.
Okpithe said the first
thing that came to his
mind was how to save his
daughter’s life. He sought
to see the Chief Medical
Director (CMD) of the
teaching hospital but
could not see him until
about 7:00p.m when he
came out from the
“I asked the CMD about
my daughter’s condition,
but he said the hospital
could not handle it and he
would refer her to Enugu.
I told him that I was from
Lagos and asked if he
could refer her to any
hospital in Lagos. Then,
he said he would refer her
to Igbobi. Immediately, he
instructed the doctor that
was in charge to write the
letter .
“On Thursday morning, we
were at Igbobi. The
doctors at the hospital
tried but the sad thing is
that they told us they
could not handle it too.
They said it’s not just an
orthopaedic case but
something that has to do
with the spine . They
treated her and asked us
to take her home. Then,
they gave an
appointment,” he said.
On the next appointment
day, according to Okpithe,
the hospital said the first
option, which was the
treatment by orthopaedic
doctors, had failed. “They
said they were taking
another option now and if
it fails, the third option
would be a surgery.”
Okpithe, who has since
been responsible for his
daughter’s hospital bills ,
disclosed that Mrs. Ekpe
promised the family that
NYSC would reinburse
whatever amount spent on
the treatment, adding that
Ekpe said she had
informed the national
secretariat of NYSC in
Abuja about the
development and had also
written a letter to the
NYSC in Lagos State about
the incident.
“I have received calls from
one Mrs. Daniel from the
NYSC Office, Lagos, telling
me I should accept their
sympathy on my daughter.
But on the other hand,
Mrs Ekpe never stated the
cause of the dislocation. I
know she’s doing that to
protect the officer.”
Okpithe, an engineer,
urged the Chief of Army
Staff to ensure proper
reform of the army,
especially those in charge
of NYSC.
He also advised the
Federal Government to
provide necessary items
for corps members on the
camp. The issue of
inadequate mattresses, he
said, caused the problem.
When contacted on phone
to react to the claims,
Captain Beke neither
confirmed nor denied the

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tooth brushing challenge: Nigeria sets new world record tooth brush

Tooth brushing challenge: Nigeria sets new world record

tooth brushThree hundred thousand pupils from across 600 public schools in Lagos, Thursday, made history as they set a new World Record in tooth brushing.
The pupils set the Guinness World Record by brushing their teeth simultaneously for one minute across 326 locations in the state.
It will be recalled that the previous record of 177, 003 was set by India in 2007.

Life begins at 70: Tina Turner and Erwin Bach to wed.

Erwin Bach to wed

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach
'Engaged' ... Tina and Erwin

TINA Turner will tie the knot for the second time after getting engaged to her boyfriend of 18 years.

The Simply The Best singer and music producer Erwin Bach are reportedly planning a lavish ceremony that will see them say their nuptials at Lake Zurich close to their home in Switzerland, claims Swiss newspaper Blick.
Tina divorced her abusive first husband IKe Turner in 1976 after 14 years of marriage.
She met Erwin in 1985 and the couple have lived together in Zurich for the past 15 years.
Tina and Ike Turner
Past marriage ... Tina and her abusive ex-husband Ike
Tina renounced her US citizenship to become Swiss in January this year.
A spokesperson for the star refused to comment.

Henry Liebman Catches Giant Fish That May Be 200 Years Old

Henry Liebman Catches Giant Fish That May Be 200 Years Old

If you believe in yourself, any fin is possible.
A Seattle insurance adjustor caught a record-setting rockfish last month that may be more than two centuries old, the Daily Sitka Sentinel reported.
Liebman caught the 39.08-pound critter in late June while fishing in Sitka, Alaska, breaking the record for largest shortraker caught on sport fishing gear.
giant rockfish
The previous record-holding fish weighed 38.69 pounds and was 175 years old, according to Troy Tydingco of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Since Liebman's catch is even bigger, Tydingco believes it's older, too.
“That fish was 32-and-a-half inches long, where Henry’s was almost 41 inches, so his could be substantially older," Tydingo told the Sentinel.
Biologists are in the process of determining the fish's actual age. If Tydingco is correct, that means the fish was around before Alaska was purchased by the U.S. in 1867.
Not everyone is excited about the catch. The New York Daily News reports that some Twitter users are reeling with anger about the animal's death.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, though, catching and releasing the fish may not have been the best solution.
The ADFG website states, "Rockfish caught in deep water often sustain injuries" caused by the decompression that occurs when fish are brought quickly to the surface.
Liebman pulled up his catch from a depth of 900 feet, and the ADFG notes that "because of high release mortality, intentional catch-and-release fishing is greatly discouraged, particularly in depths of 60 feet or greater."
Liebman's 40-pound haul is far from the largest fish ever caught. The world-record holding fisherman, according to the Daily Mail, is Ken Fraser, who managed to nab a 1,496-pound bluefin tuna in 1979.


Weird News: Mystery Couple Arrested With 20 IDs

Weird News: Mystery Couple Arrested with 20 IDs

arrested couple
I guess the good times do have to end.
Florida's John and Jane Doe tried to identity fraud their way into new iPhones.
As the old saying goes, the couple that cons together gets in on(s) together. While we romanticize couples like Bonnie and Clyde, Andy and Lea Fastow and, of course, Lucille and Oscar Bluth, there is something incredibly romantic about a me-and-you-against-the-world scenario even if you're not lovesick teens. As Tupac once sang, "all I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend."* But, eventually, the good times almost always end in a hail of hot lead or stinging slap of a pair of steel handcuffs.
That being said, a couple of grifters were picked up near Altamonte Springs, FL (northwest of Orlando) trying to fraudulently purchase iPhone 5s. Ho hum. However, this couple refused to produce proven identification when the police arrived. Instead, it was discovered that the two had upwards of 20 falsified IDs, per ActionNewsJax. The couple also had credit cards to match the falsified driver's licenses. Eventually, you'd guess, that their true identities will be divined, otherwise John and Jane Doe will go to the pokey as such.
What can we take from this? While their vocation is crooked-er than the question marks that are their names, this sort of loyalty is sort of nice to see. They had a plan and stuck to the contingency. Maybe her sister's common law husband was making a mint stripping copper wiring from construction sites and scrambling if Johnny law were to arrive but John and Jane stuck with identity theft and keeping their mouths shut when caught.
I'm no expert on Florida fraud laws but I'm guessing that even if the police don't ascertain their identities, they'll still have to do a stretch in the joint. However, this kind of stick-to-it-iveness could really pay off in their future life free of crime. Unless one coerced the other into this caper. In which case, roll over on him (or her!) and move to a state less synonymous with criminal hijinks.
Finally, how much do any of us REALLY know about our partners? I mean aren't we all waving around fake IDs? Feel me? 

Jodi Rose, Australian Artist, Marries 600-Year-Old French Bridge Le Pont du Diable

Jodi Rose, Australian Artist, Marries 600-Year-Old French Bridge Le Pont du Diable

Good vibrations led one smitten woman to marry a bridge.
Jodi Rose, an Australian artist who travels the world recording the vibrations of bridge cables for her “Singing Bridges” music project, knew it was true love the first time she laid eyes on Le Pont du Diable, a 600-year-old bridge in Southern France.
On June 17, the intimate affair was held at the entrance of her groom with 14 guests in attendance, including the mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Fos, a neighboring town. The beaming bride kept it traditional on her not-so-traditional wedding day, wearing a floor-length ivory dress and carrying a beautiful bouquet, Oddity Central reported.
Though their union is not legally recognized in France, Rose said it's just as strong as any other marriage.
“While I respect those whose romantic and sexual feelings are oriented towards objects, mine is a symbolic affair, a pagan / animist view of the spiritual vibration in everything,” she wrote on her blog, Bridgeland. “He understands that I love other bridges — and men — ours is a love that embraces the vagaries of life, as materialized in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body.”
Their love certainly has a strong foundation, but let's hope the bridge feels the same about the open relationship.
On her blog, Rose gushed about her new beau:
The story of our romance is a modern love fable – I have travelled the world for over ten years, making music with the sound of bridges, and as he felt my vibrations coming nearer he drew me to him. Our wedding is arranged with the help of friends from Barcelona, the community and artists in Arles-sur-Tech & Ceret, who give their blessing and support to the ceremony. Although he is made of stone, the resonance of his being is very present, and I feel at peace in his strong embrace. He makes me feel connected to the earth and draws me to rest from my endless nomadic wanderings. 
Le Pont du Diable, also known as “The Devil’s Bridge,” was first erected by Benedictine Monks in the 11th century and has shown resilience in the face of harsh times over the Hérault river gorge, according to Geekosystem.
"[He] is everything I could desire in a husband - sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome,"
Rose wrote. "There is longevity in the arch of his back, he has stood for 600 years and he will stand for 600 more."

Kerry Washington Marries Nigerian Pro Footballer Nnamdi Asomugha

The star of the TV's "Scandal" married professional football player Nnamdi Asomugha last week in a super-secret ceremony in Hailey, Idaho.

The 36-year-old actress and 31-year-old athlete were married June 24. Washington's parents served as official witnesses, while one of Asomugha's relatives performed the ceremony.

Asomugha is a cornerback with the San Francisco 49ers. He previously played for the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles.

Besides starring in the ABC political thriller, Washington's other recent credits include the films "Peeples" and "Django Unchained."

According to the newlyweds' marriage certificate, exclusively obtained Wednesday by E! News from Idaho's office of Vital Statistics, Ezenwa Nnamdi Asomugha swapped vows with Kerry Marisa Washington on June 24 in Hailey, Idaho.

A source confirms to E! that they had been dating for a year.

Washington's parents, Earl and Valerie, signed the certificate as witnesses, and the groom's sister, Chisaraokwu Asomugha—a minister in Silver Spring, Md.—officiated.

Congratulations to both the Washington and Asomugha families, coming together in such a romantic, no-one-needs-to-know-but-us fashion!

Nnamdi, a three-time Pro Bowl selection who spent the first 8 seasons of his NFL career with the Oakland Raiders and then the last two with the Philadelphia Eagles, signed with the San Francisco 49ers in April.

Washington's been having a heck of a year, meanwhile, both personally and professionally. The veteran actress scored two NAACP Image Awards for her roles in Scandal and Django Unchained and has been enjoying the fruits that come with major breakout success.