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Monday, June 10, 2013

My ordeal with Skinny Jeans

I work in an organization that allows Staff wear casual outfits on Thursdays and Fridays. On Mondays to Wednesdays i wore corporate clothes. Usually i complain about Skinny jeans because of its tightness and probably any health hazard it could cause. I remember writing an article on the disadvantages of Skinny jeans, even though it looks very beautiful and fits who ever wears it. I never bought any for myself, i just wore normal jeans,because generally i dislike putting on any clothing that would cause me any kind of discomfort. For that reason i do not follow fashions in vogue, i only wore comfortable clothes that fits me. A good friend of mine traveled to London and bought me a skinny jeans. I thanked her and collected the jeans, i could not tell her i didn't wear skinny jeans, because i appreciated the fact that she thought about me during her trip. Secondly i appreciate gifts a lot, no matter how little,it always gives me good feelings. One Wednesday evening i decided to wear my new skinny jeans to work the next day ( Thursday), i always prepare what to wear to work the night before, so that i would not be late for work the next day. My parents taught me to always be punctual, especially to work, so i always arrive at least thirty minutes early. I woke up by 5am on Thursday as usual, prayed, then showered and began dressing up. It is not easy wearing skinny jeans, i wonder how ladies/girls wear it comfortably. i had to keep jumping up to pull it very well. It held onto my laps tightly like a bandage, by the time i was done, i was breathing so hard like someone who went for a twenty minutes jogging. I caught my breath before i left the house. The house i reside is five minutes walk to the main road where i usually board taxis to Area One. I do not know what went wrong that Thursday, i could not find any Taxi,i waited for almost fifteen minutes. Lots of people were also waiting for Taxis, so when any Taxi showed, people struggled so hard for it. Finally, i was lucky to find a big Tundra Pickup going to Area One. It stopped right in front of me, so i didnt have to struggle. Unfortunately for me, i opened the door and tried to climb in, but could not raise my legs high. I panicked and thought something awful was wrong with my knee, then i realized it was the Skinny jeans i wore. I tried the other knee, i still could not raise it. By now, some impatient people behind me also wanted to get in and were already getting angry because i was blocking them. I didn't want to lose the opportunity of missing the Pickup, because i was already getting late for work. I had to improvise quickly on how to get in, so i entered like a child in a kneeling position, it was embarrassing, but i was desperate. I heard some people laughing at me, but i didn't care, at least i had succeeded in entering and getting a seat. I silently cursed my skinny jeans for causing me the embarrassment and regretted wearing it, i wondered why Taxis were scare on a day like that. I successfully got down under APO bridge and boarded a bus going towards Nyanya/Mararaba. I got down before Nyanya bridge to take Okada to Karu, where the office is located. I got an Okada, but was also faced with another problem, i could not sit on it, because of the SKINNY JEANS i wore. Oh my God, what an unfortunate jeans i wore. I had to beg the Okada rider to bend the bike really for me to be able to sit on it. He had to bend it very low as if i was wearing a mini skirt. I saw the look on his face, because he would wonder why he had to to bend that low for a lady wearing a trouser. On my way back from work, i got a ride from a friend, so i did not go through any ordeal. I have not worn that DAMN jeans since then, but if i have to wear it, then i will have to take drop to where ever i am going to, and most definitely not to work anymore. Lol


  1. Lwkmd. No kill me with die abeg

  2. I have never liked skinny jeans and gals who wear dem

  3. That serves you right.... I wonder y clothing dat 12yr olds are suppose to wear a full grown adult will now wear it.... Sorry for d embarrasement... Especially d fact dat u had to knee to enter d pick up... Lol...