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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tigers chase men up trees, trap them there for days

(CNN) -- Men in a jungle in Indonesia were
checking their traps when they discovered they
had killed a tiger cub.
Adult tigers waiting nearby were not happy with
the six trappers.
The tigers lunged for them, sending the men
scrambling for their lives up two trees, said
police on Sumatra.
Maybe there was not enough room on one of
the trees. Perhaps the men ahead of him
climbed too slowly. Whichever the case, one of
the men didn't make it.
The tigers snatched him down before he could
escape the reach of their claws, said police Chief
Dicky Sondani. They mauled him to death in
front of the other five men.
Then they waited underneath the trees for the
remaining men to come down.
Days and nights passed, but the tigers did not
budge. The men found themselves in a waiting
game in the tree tops, drinking rainwater to
survive, Sondani said.
A team of 30 rescuers combed the forest for
They found the trappers duly traumatized, said
a spokesman for the park.
The dead man was buried. Two of the survivors
were taken to a hospital. The others went home
to rest and recover. The five have a date with
park officials in 10 days, said Andi Basrul, head
of Mt. Leuser National Park.
There will be some questions for them to
answer about what they were doing in the park
in the first place, where humans are forbidden
by law to tread -- let alone set traps.

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