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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 9.54.24 AM               Kola Boof Engaged to Rainbeau, Pilot and Businessman, Jason Appelbaum

Brilliant novelist, philosopher, and fierce warrior for our daughters, Kola Boof, is set to marry in November 2013.
          Bestselling novelist Kola Boof (44) has accepted a marriage proposal from air force pilot and businessman Jason Appelbaum (48). They have known each other for 12 years and were persuaded by Boof’s sons to consider getting married last week.
Jason calls Kola “fascinating, sexy and a great cook.” Kola calls Jason “calm, strong and there for me. He’s a great listener.” They met 12 years ago when Jason flew Kola to an event in New York City on a private plane. Jason has invested in Kola’s writing career.
             They plan to be married in a secular ceremony in New York City in November 2013.
Kola wrote this note to BWW and others
Dear Christelyn,
I’ve always loved Jason as a friend. We were boyfriend and girlfriend in the past. We have a lot of chemistry and deep
attraction for each other. We are very happy right now and we love each other very much.
You know I’m not one to sugar coat, so I will admit that it’s been very rough since we decided to tell our families the
last week. Jason is Jewish and his family is mostly upset about my Bin Laden connection and my past. They see me
as loose and dangerous (which tickles Jason). They are not too happy about our Union but Jason told me that’s
why they live in NY and he lives in California.
On my end, because I’m a public figure, there have been vehement protests from my Black American mother, ex
lovers and especially fans and industry people who feel that it’s hypocritical for a so-called “Afrocentric” like Kola
Boof to marry a White man.
I would like to address that now.
I am not an “Afrocentric”…I am an Americanized writer, adopted from Omdurman, Sudan by Black Americans who is extremely proud of her Nilotic-Oromo heritage. Like most Blacks in  America, I have been conflicted my whole life by race issues and identity.
I have never been against marrying a White man, I have been several White men in the past…but I will admit that my preference (all my life) has been for Black men. It was always Black men who had the best chance with me.
However, for those who absolutely can’t understand why “Kola Boof” would marry a White man, I would like to share with Americans my true feelings….I live in America…I don’t feel loved by Black American men as a group…I feel betrayed by Black men…I don’t trust Black men.
Even though they are my preference (my first husband was Black)…I don’t think I could marry a Black man now at age 44 after everything I’ve witnessed as an American.
I already have two sons by my first husband who was Black. Jason Appelbaum has one teenaged son who is fully White.
We have decided not to have children.
But if life steps in and we do end up having a child, I would like it understood that our child will be considered “Biracial” and not Black. It’s very important to me that African-Americans understand that about me as an African woman.
I have already been accused of “breeding out of the race” and  therefore a hypocrite my detractors for engaging a White man.  The fact is, we don’t plan to have children.
Lastly, please do not harass me. I am happy with Jason  Appelbaum and I don’t care, and will not under any circumstances consider what the public thinks or feels in this  matter. I am marrying Jason for several reasons–as Africans do not merely marry for love. He is the right choice and the wonderful King for me. He treats me how I deserve to be treated, he loves my cooking and he is a great conversationalist. He makes me feel safe and he cares about my feelings and  about my children. My sons adore him.
I didn’t expect to be getting married again–Jason insisted. But I now feel so young again!
I wish everyone love and their favorite things!
Kola Boof
 Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 9.54.24 AM
Who would have thought Kola Boof will find love with a white man. The world is really opening up to interracial marriages and relationships these. I can only wish Kola and Jason all the best.


Rosemary Nimma Lekman said...

Congratulations Kola!! Im happy for u both.

Anonymous said...

Wow,kola boof,congrats

Lyl said... cool!